Several things came to mind when my dad asked me to write this run-down.

All the wonderful Saturdays I spent with Pops learning the importance of keeping things clean and authentic with old-school Cuban flavor, that even my lil’ siblings Z and T can appreciate.

The times I spent overhearing informal conversations with his visiting friends about everything from the food to the new funky kicks he got, and some of the funny adventures they had shared.

Ask an adult, they’ll talk about the standing/no-seating counter, the retro wall boards, the abuelita look of the ladies serving, the cash only policy and the amazing place that has lived in a blue collar region of Doral for over 40 years. A place “Where everybody knows your name” they say.

And let’s not forget the food. And everybody else.

Well, they all want to know the who, when, and why is this locale called “LOS BOBOS”?

For this answer, you will need to come in and see non-other than the Man, the Myth, the Legend, my Dad himself, Tony Bobo. P.S. Grandma will also gladly tell you the story behind the name, shortly after she chuckles and mocks the question. And yeah, she still work there.

Love, K (founder’s granddaughter)

“If you like old school standing room only Cuban-style cafeterias, then Los Bobos is for you!” – Burger Beast

Guest Reviews

  • Believe the hype!!! The food is amazing. The daily specials are to die for. Tony, the owner, makes the croquetas himself. The best way to describe them are like this: if Islas Canarias and Vicky Bakery had a croqueta baby, this would be it

    Francis Rodriguez
  • Feels like eating at your kitchen counter at home, with your abuelita trying to serve you. If your house was a Construction Trailer from the 80's. It's a great little dive! Love it.

    Chris Garcia
  • Authentic down-home like somebody's Cuban grandma cooked for you!!! 

    David Vivian